We will introduce 3 innovative features of REACH.

High yield × High operation rate

Designed from Beginning to End by Satake

By examination of any bottlenecks in production, REACH engineering enables highly  efficient  and continuous operation without hindrance. High yields are realized by means of a  waste-free and efficient plant system.

Drive your investment to maximize return

Now realize ROI, visually examine output efficiency predictions and cost savings.

By thoroughly reviewing the cost at every phase, we make it possible to reduce installation time and labor costs, not only plant cost. By installing weighers, we can visualize real-time yield and production output daily. It also enables us to check real-time machine operation.

Shorten delivery

Reduced installation time to 25%

Utilizing the basic REACH  design, rapid progress is possible right from the first meeting. Furthermore, it is possible to respond quickly to your business plan through innovative  shipment  of semi-assembled plant and other attractive options.