REACH Options

The product group provided by REACH consists of three lineups, each tuned optimally so as to demonstrate the best performance in rice milling. We will enable any business to grow dramatically from three models according to processing amount.

Remote Monitoring
*REACH 7.0 only

Remote Monitoring

You can check the operation status of the plant remotely.

  • Time zone during which the operating rate declines can be observed.
  • Operation improvement becomes easy.

  • Optical Sorter Remote Monitoring >>
  • Remote Monitor
    << Optical Sorter Remote Monitoring Tablet Monitor >>
  • Tablet Monitor
    << Remote Monitoring Tablet Monitor

Real-time Yield with Flow Scale
*REACH 7.0 only

Real-time Yield with Flow Scale

By adding Flow Scales before and after milling rice, Real-time yield of head rice can be confirmed at a glance. The following Flow Scales can be added and lot yield of each process can be checked.

  1. Paddy after cleaning
  2. Brown Rice before milling
  3. Head Rice after milling
  4. Final product

  • IFW301-T
    Flow Scale Real-Time Yield with Flow Scale >>
  • Realtime Scale
    << Flow Scale Real-Time Yield with Flow Scale

Other Options

Laboratory Equipment
Optical Sorter (Model change)
Thickness Grader
Additional Polisher
Touch Panel (Control panel upgrade)*REACH 7.0 only
Product Tank
Bag Filter
Air Compressor
Small Packer