Frequently asked questions about REACH

What is special about Satake's REACH plant?
REACH is SATAKE’s plant brand. It is Satake's total engineering system achieving extremely high efficiency.
Does REACH have capacity options to suit customer requirements?
Yes. Currently the SYSTEM 7.0 (7t/h paddy input) and SYSTEM 3.0 (3t/h paddy input) are available. We will have 14.0 t/h model in the future.
Can I purchase individual (separate) units?

Yes, REACH consists of sections as below. We can integrate your existing plant with them.

  1. Receiving and Cleaning section
  2. Husking and Separating section
  3. Milling and Polishing section
  4. Grading section
  5. Optical sorting section
  6. Packing section
Can you change any sections by request?
Please contact us about your request in detail.
Can I see test data (products' quality) for my materials in advance?
We can perform test milling according to your request. Please contact us.
I'm about to start a business. Does Satake provide any services to advise on running a rice mill?
Yes, our rice milling specialists can advise your business from a multifaceted perspective. Please contact us.
I’m interested in REACH for other materials (wheat, maize, bean, spice etc.)
The REACH plant system applies only to rice applications at the moment.